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DSCN4903DSCN4903The founding father of the Miracle Revival Fellowship Pentecostal Church missionary Elisha Chitayi also doubled up as the founder of the church choir. It started as a family praise and worship event before the go to bed prayers. The Missionary and his wife (founding mother) Rasoa encouraged their children to partake in singing songs of praise to God in the church before the Sunday service begun.

In the year 1973 a young man – brother Peter Mwero started the first formal church choir. After a while, brother Donald Mchombo took over the choir leadership. During Donald Mchombo’s tenure the choir acquired musical instruments such as shakers, drums and tambourines. Sister Pauline Khayadi then took over the leadership of the choir assisted by Pastor Pascal Kazungu after Donald left. By this time the choir had not begun singing their own songs but sung songs by other choirs – mostly from choirs based in Tanzania.

In 1986 a brother by the name Tom Maita led the choir in composing their own songs. Seeing that the choir grew from strength to strength the church leadership decided to buy many more instruments including electric guitars, piano keyboards etc.

In 1994 the choir produced their debut audio albums; USIKU WA MANANE and  MASHINDANO.

In the year 1994 November brother Daniel S. Ingosi assisted by Brother Hisdory Ngeti took over the choir leadership. The servant of the Lord Pastor Ev. Joseph Katana, then the Ministry’s director had a special place for the choir in his heart. He propelled it to international standards. He bought state of the art musical instruments for the choir and made sure the choir performed in all crusades and major events he organized.

The choir became a big attraction during crusades, like Kitale in Kenya, Mbale in Uganda, Mbarara in Uganda etc.

The choir’s emphasis in composing its songs is to echo the church teachings as delivered by the servants of God. Thus playing a very crucial complementary role in propagating the teachings of the church to the world.

The Choir has so far produced 28 albums. These albums are produced in our own church studios sited at our church headquarters – MARIAKANI.

In addition to singing, the choir also sales T-shirts, shirts, scarfs and an assortment of other clothing wares that have Bible verses printed on them. These are obtainable at the choir’s retail outlet located at the Headquarters’ church compound or during outdoor events like crusades, ASK Shows etc. at very competitive prices.
There are a number of challenges in running the choir. The most salient being cases where members leave the choir due to job transfers, marriage, deaths, ousters due to improper conduct etc.

At present, the children who started the choir at their home are now adults. Glory be to God since some of them are still in the choir including the chairperson of the choir Sister Imani Masitsa Kazungu and Grace Muhalulukhu Ingosi who is the current care taker of the choir.

As the church expanded and planted more branches across East Africa it became necessary to introduce choirs in these branches to enhance their worship experience too. The branch choirs get guidance and mentorship from the main church choir at the church Headquarters.


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