I was healed of HIV AIDS - Paul Namisi

Pastor Paul Namisi - Healed of HIV AidsPastor Paul Namisi - Healed of HIV AidsI got saved in 1992 after having suffered HIV & AIDS for a long time. My 3 wives died of the same in 1990. The 4th one died the following year (1991). The 5th wife ran away after learning that I was HIV positive. My 8 children died alongside their mothers. I was by then a human skeleton with no hope to live. One day I met a brother from Miracle Revival Fellowship Church who testified to me and referred me to his Pastor in one of the church branches called Sironko in Uganda.

The pastor testified to me about Jesus Christ THE HEALER and prayed for me and I indeed recovered from that killer disease. To prove that God had healed me completely, I went for HIV test after a short time - I was NEGATIVE.

The 5th wife who had run away came back to me. I took her to my pastor and she also received a healing prayer and God healed her by faith. We are blessed with 8 children by God again. If you believe in the name of the son of God the same can happen to you. “God bless you”,


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