Rev. Musa Iddi

I got married to a very beautiful woman and after living together for a short period we got our first child; then problems started. It was wars, wrangles and continuous wrangles all the time. All this was as a result of the extreme poverty that had gripped me so badly. My spouse, the girl I had married is from a very prosperous family. We underwent a lot of tribulation in our matrimonial home. Life was difficult, so difficult that we reached a point where my spouse said, “I will leave you and go back home to my parents.” Personally I truly had nothing of value and beneficial to hold her back and keep her with me. It was only poverty, poverty that could compel a person to commit suicide! I tried my best.

The problem is, once wrangles and fighting set into your house brethren you can't succeed. Every time I tried to get closer to my wife so that I could share some important information that was in my heart, she would not listen to me at all, no she wouldn't listen, she totally refused. When I drew nearer to say something to her, she just shrugged and went away. She would say “I can't pay attention to what you are to say, I can't listen to you. How I am I supposed to listen to you, to me you are useless in this and that. Just useless, thoroughly useless. A person of your caliber surely is not worth listening to. What for? ” Now every time I was out of the house my spouse had plenty of peace, but when I returned to my house, just as I approached the door, the flesh on my forehead would fold into wrinkles!

Pay attention brethren as something good will happen to you this day. Do you understand brethren? We leaved together year in year out, on and on, hurling accusations to each other, we were fighting and wrangling but still together, not separated. Remember we were church-going Christians as all these were happening! When I went to consult the preacher for counseling I honestly told the preacher all that was going on in my house, that I was of no value and not respected; likewise my spouse would also go to the preacher and say that she was not treated as the lady of the house. We were totally at discord, God told me “Go and tell your wife the truth, tell her the whole truth from your heart, the way you don't love her from the depth of your heart, you completely don't feel for her, you don't desire her, remember you have never told her this”

We waited until the children were asleep, this time we didn't wake up for war but to reconcile and seek peace. Lack of peace and reconciliation was the reason of my poverty yet I had wars. My poverty could not be solved by warring and wrangles so I decide to pursue peace, a poverty stricken man pursuing peace, I wanted to keep away from battles. “My dear wife sit down please,” I said, “sit down for what” she replied, we were not on talking terms. “Please sit down, sit down I have something I would like to explain to you” God graciously enabled her and she sat down. “I am telling you the truth, me on account of this and that habit I am fed up, I can't tolerate it!” I want you to understand that I was hitting the nail on the head! Calling spade a spade. Surprisingly that turned out to be Gods wish. She too said, “Just hold on, for me it's not that I am chasing you, no! I want us to agree so that when we pray God can answer our prayers” She responded. “Ok my dear brother me too I have this to say, I am fed up! I am tired. That's why every time you want to tell me something I move away, leaving the place, the reason is because of a, b, c, and d.

If you stop all these things, then I will be at peace with you” On my part I also told her that, if she stopped certain things then we would have a peaceful home. We knelt down and prayed. The wars and battles disappeared immediately. Amen!

Then doors of employment opened, and I started being employed casual labor in humble way we started here and there. Small love gifts to each other and also gifts of goodwill from others. Today we have educated all our children to completion apart from two who are still in school .Amen. I am narrating to you the story of my own life as a testimony, that's why I am asking “from whence come theses wars”


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